Buckle #16943

Slice of agate with antique topaz brooch
Buckle #16941

Coral and lapis bar with pyrite and lapis
Buckle #16938

Picture agate with amber
Buckle #16935

Pearls with filigree cross
Buckle #16933

Bone carved Buddha with tiger eye and onyx
Buckle #16932

Mystic topaz in sterling sliver with Swarovski
Buckle #16930

Cupid yin yang with coral and turquoise
Buckle #15912

Carved bone mermaid in silver with lapis, hematite and silver findings
Buckle #14892

Pewter crab surrounded with deco Swarovski & turquoise beads
Buckle #14890

Druze with fresh water pearl, sterling florets & antique Swarovski chain
Buckle #14858

Fossil ammonite with hematite and Swarovski
Buckle #14857

Iridescent druze with fresh water pearl, silver edge and Swarovski
Buckle #14853

Large turquoise oval surrounded by Swarovski, black onyx and pyrite
Buckle #14846

Brown agate druze with gold edge and agate beads
Buckle #14831

Carved agate Buddha with goldstone, Swarovski and faceted topaz
Buckle #14518

Labradorite with coral in silver with fresh water and coin pearls
Buckle #13809

Tiger eye oval in Sterling, onyx, tiger eye and art deco Swarovski chain
Buckle #12726

Swarovski dragonflies with baby keshi pearls and Swarovski
The above is only a small selection of the buckles available. Please contact me via email or phone for pricing and
a full CD catalog of all items available. On pricing requests please reference the full item #.

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